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Table 4 Nonsynonymous, protein-damaging, rare somatic mutations with p-value <1x10 -6

From: Identification of somatic and germline mutations using whole exome sequencing of congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia

ID Chrom:Pos Gene Amino acid change Prediction (Sift, Polyphen)
Sample 1 1:166039478 FAM78B */Y .
7:155599125 SHH* G/S Deleterious, Probably-damaging
Sample 2 13:28602340 FLT3 N/K Deleterious, Probably-damaging
Sample 3 4:1388625-1388626 CRIPAK . .
13:28592640 FLT3* D/E Deleterious, Probably-damaging
X:140994655-140994657 MAGEC1 S/- .
Sample 4 10:124380869 DMBT1* H/N Tolerated, Possibly-damaging
  1. *Validated with PCR and capillary sequencing.