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Table 2 Type I tumors and type II tumors according to combination of histological subtype and FIGO-grade

From: Napsin A as a marker of clear cell ovarian carcinoma

Types of ovarian tumors (after histopathology and tumor grade) N (%)
Type I tumors 40 (30.5)
  Low-grade (G1) serous 14  
  Mucinous (G1+G2+G3) 20  
  Low-grade (G1) endometrioid 6  
Type II tumors 75 (57.3)
  High-grade (G2+G3) serous 37  
  High-grade (G2+G3) endometrioid 36  
  Anaplastic 2  
Clear cell tumors 16 (12.2)
  1. Clear cell tumors were all graded as G3 tumors.