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Table 1 Oligo GE Array microarrays indicate that versican mRNA expression is higher in CD26-expressing cells than in CD26-depleted cells (Dep1)

From: CD26 Expression on T-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) Line Karpas 299 is associated with increased expression of Versican and MT1-MMP and enhanced adhesion

Unigene RefSeqNo Symbol Dep1 Karpas Karpas/Dep1
Hs.544577 NM_002046 GAPDH 253.7 141.5 0.56
Hs.443681 NM_004385 VCAN 0.68 60.12 88.4
  1. GEArray express human extracellular matrix and adhesion molecule microarrays were carried out by SuperArray Bioscience Corporation on 10 μg total RNA isolated from parental Karpas 299 cells and Dep1, a cell line deficient in CD26 expression.