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Table 3 Multiple regression analyses with intracellular EGFR protein expression as dependent factor in tumor tissue (T) and mucosa tissue (M)

From: EGF receptor and COX-1/COX-2 enzyme proteins as related to corresponding mRNAs in human per-operative biopsies of colorectal cancer

Factor Std. Coeff. p-value
EGFR extracell. protein
M 1.11 <0.0001
T 0.61 0.0623
COX-2 total protein
M 0.64 0.0006
T -0.17 ns
M -0.02 0.0262
T 0.01 ns
COX-1 protein
M -0.29 0.0002
T 0.01 ns
  1. Insignificantly independent variables were COX-1 RNA, COX-2 RNA, 66 kDa COX-2 protein and 74 kDa COX-2 protein.