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Table 1 Cell line panel representing different types of drug resistance

From: Screening for phenotype selective activity in multidrug resistant cells identifies a novel tubulin active agent insensitive to common forms of cancer drug resistance

Cell line Diagnosis Selective agent Mechanism of resistance P-gp expression* Reference
RPMI 8226 Myeloma    82  
8226/Dox40 Myeloma Doxorubicin P-gp170 27002 [11, 15]
8226/LR5 Myeloma Melphalan GSH associated Not expressed** [16]
CCRF-CEM T-cell leukemia    Not expressed**  
CEM/VM-1 T-cell leukemia Teniposode Topo II associated Not expressed** [17]
NCI-H69 Small cell lung cancer    Not expressed**  
H69AR Small cell lung cancer Doxorubicin MRP associated Not expressed** [18]
U-937 Histiocytic lymphoma    Not expressed**  
U-937-vcr Histiocytic lymphoma Vincristine Tubulin associated 875 [19]
  1. *mRNA gene expression, probe ID 209993_at (ABCB1 P-gp), (Affymetrix, Inc.).
  2. **Gene expression not detected, absent call according to MAS5 (Affymetrix, Inc.).