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Figure 7

From: Dimethylaminoparthenolide and gemcitabine: a survival study using a genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic cancer

Figure 7

Plasma levels of NF-κB regulated inflammatory cytokines. Mouse plasma obtained at the time of sacrifice was analyzed using the Bio-Plex 200 system to determine the concentration of 23 different cytokines and growth factors. The levels of A) IL-1α, B) IL-1β, C) IL-12p40, D) IL-17, E) MCP-1, F) TNF-α, G) Eotaxin, and H) MIP-1β in placebo (P, n = 8), DMAPT (n = 12), gemcitabine (Gem, n = 10) and DMAPT/gemcitabine (DM/Gem, n = 9) groups are shown. The means are indicated by the horizontal lines. * P < 0.05 vs. placebo.

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