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Figure 6

From: Stat3 is a positive regulator of gap junctional intercellular communication in cultured, human lung carcinoma cells

Figure 6

A, B: Stat3 inhibition induces apoptosis A: SK-LuCi6 cells without (a,b) or with (c,d) CPA7 treatment were fixed and stained for TUNEL using FITC-coupled, nucleotide triphosphates (see Methods). B: Extracts from SK-LuCi6 cells grown to 50% confluence or 3 days post-confluence, without (lanes 1,3) or with (lanes 2,4) treatment with 50 μM CPA7 for 15 hrs as indicated, were probed for cleaved PARP, with Hsp90 as a loading control (lower panel). C: Stat3 inhibition reduces Cx43 mRNA. Total RNA from SK-LuCi6 cells treated with the CPA7, Stat3 inhibitor, or the DMSO carrier alone, or stably expressing shStat3 as indicated, was subjected to quantitative RT-PCR analysis (see Methods).

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