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Table 3 Antibodies used for immunohistochemical analysis

From: BMP and TGFbeta pathways in human central chondrosarcoma: enhanced endoglin and Smad 1 signaling in high grade tumors

Antigen Manufacturer Mono-/polyclonal Staining Positive control Blocking Concentration
phospho-Smad1 (Ser463/465) Cell signaling polyclonal rabbit IgG nucleus colon no 1:200
/Smad5 (Ser463/465)
/Smad8 (Ser426/428)
phospho-Smad2 (Ser465/467) Cell signaling monoclonal rabbit IgG1 nucleus kidney 10% normal goat serum, 30’ 1:50
endoglin / CD105 R&D systems polyclonal goat IgG cytoplasmic tonsil no 1:800