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Figure 8

From: Overexpression of CD44 accompanies acquired tamoxifen resistance in MCF7 cells and augments their sensitivity to the stromal factors, heregulin and hyaluronan

Figure 8

HA treatment promotes erbB dimerisation in TamR cells. TamR cells were treated with HA in the presence or absence of CD44siRNA and immunoprecipitation performed using EGFR, erbB2 or CD44 antibodies. Subsequent Western blotting revealed that HA treatment resulted in a shift in dimerisation pattern, with loss of EGFR:erbB3 and a gain in erbB2:erbB3, erbB2:EGFR and CD44:EGFR heterodimerisation. In the absence of CD44 (by siRNA), HA did not affect erbB dimerisation.

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