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Figure 5

From: Overexpression of CD44 accompanies acquired tamoxifen resistance in MCF7 cells and augments their sensitivity to the stromal factors, heregulin and hyaluronan

Figure 5

CD44 suppression attenuates heregulin-induce invasive and migratory signalling in TamR cells. TamR cells were treated with CD44 siRNA prior to treatment with the erbB lilgand, heregulin β1 (Hrg). Whilst Hrg promoted phosphorylation of erbB2 and the EGFR and associated downstream signalling pathways in control cells (A) with a resultant gain in TamR cell migration (B), invasion (C) and growth (D), this response was significantly attenuated in cells pre-treated with CD44siRNA. C: control (untreated) cells; L: siRNA transfection lipid alone; NT: non-targeting siRNA; CD44: CD44siRNA. Controls in figures B, C and D represent samples treated with NT siRNA. *p<0.05 vs. untreated control; **p<0.01 vs. Hrg-treated control.

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