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Figure 3

From: Blastomatoid pulmonary carcinosarcoma: report of a case with a review of the literature

Figure 3

Results of comparative genomic hybridization (CGH). CGH of the blastomatoid pulmonary carcinosarcoma revealed ish cgh enh(1)(q),dim(5)(q14q23),enh (6)(p),enh(6)(q24qter),enh(8)(q),dim(9)(p13pter),enh(11)(q12q14),enh(11)(q23qter),enh(12)(q12q21),amp(12)(q14q21),enh(12)(q24qter),dim(13)(q21q21),amp(15)(q24qter),enh(17)(q),enh(20)(q),amp(20)(q11q12). The number of chromosomes included in the CGH analysis is indicated at the bottom of each individual profile.

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