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Table 1 Thematic content and structure of the BREATH intervention

From: Rationale of the BREAst cancer e-healTH [BREATH] multicentre randomised controlled trial: An Internet-based self-management intervention to foster adjustment after curative breast cancer by decreasing distress and increasing empowerment

  Psychoeducation Problems in everyday life Social environment Empowerment
1. Looking back · Getting started · Emotional effects of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment · Breast cancer within the family · Personal strengths
  · Self-help contract · Explanation of CBT · Reactions of children · Resources of strength
  · Personal intervention goals   · Reactions of partner  
2. Emotional processing · Coping with life events · Coping with breast cancer · Social support · Knowledge as power
  · Inventory of previous life events · Personal grief · Personal support network · Coping with information
    · Sexuality · Relaxation
3. Strengthening · Physical consequences after breast cancer treatment · Dealing with physical consequences · Return to work · Balancing strengths
   · Building up physical activity · Talking about breast cancer at work · Spirituality
4. Looking ahead · Personal change after breast cancer · Fear of recurrence · Communication with care providers · Future after breast cancer treatment
   · Coping with fear   
  · Recovery as priority   · Patient role less central · Ahead on your own