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Table 1 Frequent gains and losses in six ESCC cell lines analyzed by array-CGH

From: Characterization of genetic rearrangements in esophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines by a combination of M-FISH and array-CGH: further confirmation of some split genomic regions in primary tumors

CNAs Positive No. of cell lines Region
Gain ≥5 3q26.33-qter, 5p14.1-p11, 7pter-p12.3, 8q24.13-q24.21, 9q31.1-qter, 11p13-p11, 11q11-q13.4, 17q23.3-qter, 18pter-p11, 19, 20q13.32-qter
  3-4 1q21.1-q31.1, 2p24.1-p11, 3q13.31-q26.33, 5pter-p11, 5q31.1-qter, 5q32-qter, 6p21.1-p11, 6p21.31-p11, 7pter-p12.3, 7q11-q22.2, 8q21.2-q24.21, 8q23.3-q24.21, 9q22.1-qter, 10q26.3-qter, 11q11-q22.3, 11q13.4-qter, 12pter-p14.4, 16pter-p11, 16q11-qter, 17p13.1-p11, 17q, 20q11-qter, 20q13.12-qter
  2 1pter-p36.13, 1p35.2-q31.1, 1p22.2-q31.1, 2pter-p25.1, 2p24.2-p11, 2q11-q13, 3q12.1-qter, 5q15-qter, 6p21.33-p21.1, 7q35-qter, 8q11-q24.21, 9q21.33-qter, 11pter-p14.1, 12q14.4-qter, 13q21.32-q31.3, 13q32.1-qter, 14q22.1-q31.1, 15q11, 15q25.3-qter, 16q11-qter, 17pter-p11, 18q11-q12.2, 22q
Loss ≥5 18q21.1-qter
  3-4 3p14.1-p11, 4p15.32-p14, 4q22.1-q32.3, 9pter-p24.1, 9p23-p11, 11q23.3-qter, 18q12.2-q21.1, Xpter-p11, Xq21.1-q23
  2 2q33.1-q35, 3p14.2-p14.1, 4pter-p14.1, 4q21.1-q32.3, 4q22.1-qter, 6pter-p24.1, 6q11-q13, 7q22.2-qter, 8pter-p22, 9pter-p11, 9q11-q21.13, 10p12.33-p11, 11q24.1-qter, 11q22.3-qter, Xq11-qter,