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Figure 6

From: Intratumoral macrophages contribute to epithelial-mesenchymal transition in solid tumors

Figure 6

Intratumoral CD68 + macrophage density correlates with mesenchymal protein expression in NSCLC patient samples. NSCLC tissue sections were stained for CD68, E-cadherin, β-catenin and vimentin. NSCLC tumor 1 is an adenocarcinoma of solid subtype, NSCLC tumor 2 is an adenocarcinoma of glandular subtype. NSCLC tumor 1 is a score 2 for CD68, score 1 for membranous E-cadherin, score 2 for membranous β-catenin, score 3 for cytoplasmic β-catenin and score 3 for vimentin. NSCLC tumor 2 is a score 1 for CD68, score 3 for membranous E-cadherin, score 3 for membranous β-catenin, score 1 for cytoplasmic β-catenin and score 0 for vimentin. Pictures were acquired at 20 × magnification. Graphs indicate correlations between intratumoral CD68+ macrophage infiltration and tumor cell expression of the annotated EMT-associated markers. The regression coefficient R is indicated.

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