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Table 7 Multivariate logistic regression analysis on the correlation between clinical parameters including KRAS status and liver- or lung-only metastases a

From: Different metastatic pattern according to the KRAS mutational status and site-specific discordance of KRAS status in patients with colorectal cancer

Clinical parameter Liver-only metastasis Lung-only metastasis
  OR (95% CI) P OR (95% CI) P
KRAS status (MT vs. WT) 0.24 (0.10-0.55) 0.001 4.20 (1.43-12.33) 0.009
Tumor site (rectum vs. colon) - - 3.32 (1.15-9.59) 0.026
Clinical situations for the development of systemic metastasis (recurred vs. stage IV) 0.22 (0.085-0.57) 0.002 6.24 (2.32-16.77) < 0.001
  1. a In this analysis, only variables which had P-values < 0.10 in univariate analysis were included in patients with single organ-only metastasis (N = 113).
  2. Abbreviations: OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; MT, mutant-type; WT, wild-type.