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Table 2 Chronologic synopsis of case report

From: Late onset Li-Fraumeni Syndrome with bilateral breast cancer and other malignancies: case report and review of the literature

Year / Month Sarcoma/Carcinoma Stage Therapy Follow up
2006/08 (40 y) Myxofibro-sarcoma right upper arm pT1a, pNx, pMx, G2, R0 Incomplete resection, R1, 2006/08 palpation,
    Re-Resection, R1, 2006/09 12-mo MRI
    Re-Re-Resection with musculo-cutaneous flap 2006/11  
2006/12 (40 y) Breast cancer right side ypT2 ypN1a (2/13) yM0 L0 V0 R0 yG3, ER IRS 2, PR IRS 9, Her2neu pos., IRS 3, invasive ductal carcinoma Neo-adj. CT with 4x FEC, 2007/01-04, prophylactic
    Lumpectomy and axillary dissection 2007/05, mastectomy offered
    Adj. CT, 4x P 2007/06-08, 3-mo palpation,
    Herceptin® 2007/09-2008/06 6-mo ultrasound,
    GnRH Analoga + TAM 07/09-ongoing 12-mo MRI
2006/12 (40 y) Breast cancer left side ypT1c ypN1mic (1/17) yM0 L0 V0 R0 yG3, ER IRS 8, PR IRS 12, Her2neu pos. IRS 3, invasive ductal carcinoma see above see above
2007/05 (40 y) Liposarcoma periadrenal left pT2b pN0 (0/2 LK) pMx L0 V0 G3, Rx, pleomorph sarcoma Lumbal left adrenalectomy 2007/05, MRI
    Radiation therapy (66 Gy) 2007/08-10  
2008/05 (41 y) Recurrence Recurrence ypT2 ypN0 (0/14) ypMx G1 R1(vessel) CT with 2xIfos 2008/06, followed by Trabectedin, Mini-ICE and Hyperthermia 2009/01-05  
    Compartment resection with hemicolectomy, splenectomy, partial diaphragm resection and resection of 11th costa 2009/06  
2010/06 Recurrence   CT with Trabectedin since 2010/06  
  1. Abbreviations: Neo-adj. = neo-adjuvant, Adj. = adjuvant, CT = Chemotherapy, FEC = 5-FU 500 mg/², Epirubicine 100 mg/m², Cyclophosphamide 500 mg/m², q21d, P = Paclitaxel 175 mg/m², q21d, TAM = Tamoxifen®, Ifos = Ifosfamide, mo = monthly, Mini-ICE = Ifosfamid, Carboplatin, Etoposide.