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Table 2 Gene-signature of stromal cells

From: Gene expression in tumor cells and stroma in dsRed 4T1 tumors in eGFP-expressing mice with and without enhanced oxygenation

Epithelial markers in stroma cells Mesenchymal markers in stromal cells
Krt14 0.3 Snai1 2
Cdh1 0.2 Snai2 19
Perp 0.3 Fgfr1 7
Dsp 0.1 Cdh2 2.3
Ocln 0.2 Cdh11 16
Cdh3 1.3 Twist2 25
   Nid1 115
  1. The numerals are referred to as fold change in gene expression of untreated stromal cells as compared to untreated tumor cells. All values: FDR < 0.00%