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Table 3 Ongoing studies on interventional cardiologists

From: Cancer and non-cancer brain and eye effects of chronic low-dose ionizing radiation exposure

Main funding NIH and NCI Italian CNR National Research Council-IFC, Institute of Clinical Physiology
Scientific Societies endorsement Multispecialty Occupational Health Group Italian Society of Invasive Cardiology (GISE)
Enrolled population · 44,000 fluoroscopists (interventional cardiologists, radiologists, neuroradiologists)
· 42,000 non-interventional radiologists
· 101,000 non-exposed physicians
· 500 exposed interventional cardiologists (nurses, technicians)
· 500 non exposed clinical cardiologists (nurses, technicians)
Endpoint Epidemiological clinical endpoints (cancer, cataract, vascular events) Surrogate biomarkers of genetic, vascular, reproductive, cognitive effect