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Table 1 Mutational status of PIK3CA, PTEN, NRAS and BRAF genes in New Zealand Melanoma (NZM) cell lines used for the study

From: Comparison of growth factor signalling pathway utilisation in cultured normal melanocytes and melanoma cell lines

Cell lines PTENstatus PIK3CAstatus NRASstatus BRAFstatus
NZM6 Exon3 deletion    V600E
NZM34 Exon 5 frameshift
NZM43 Exon 1 frameshift
NZM30 No identified
mutation in exon
NZM40   H1047R Q61H  
NZM46   H1047R Q61H  
NZM52   H1047R   V600E
NZM10    Q61H  
NZM15    Q61H  
NZM42    Q61H  
NZM3     V600E
NZM12     V600E
  1. *In NZM30, PTEN exon 1 sequencing failed after multiple attempts. The absence of PTEN protein in NZM30 (Figure 2) could be due to a large deletion in exon 1 or epigenetic changes