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Table 2 Results of K-function space-time clustering analyses for place of birth and date of birtha

From: Space-time clustering of childhood central nervous system tumours in Yorkshire, UK

ICCCb Code(s) Disease group Geographical distancec (P-values) NN thresholdd (P-values)
III(a) Ependymoma e 0.49
III(b) Astrocytoma 0.79 0.49
III(a), III(b) Ependymoma and Astrocytoma 0.88 0.41
III(c) PNET 0.42 0.52
III(d) Other gliomas 0.52 0.17
III(e), III(f) Other Specified and Unspecified 0.37 0.34
III(a-f) All CNS tumours 0.10 0.14
  1. aCases are close in time if dates of birth differ by <t, where t is in the range 0.1 year to 1.5 year.
  2. b International Classification of Childhood Cancer.
  3. cCases are close in space if distances between their locations differ by <s, where s is in the range 0.5-7.5 km.
  4. dCases are close in space if either one is within the distance to the N th nearest neighbour of the other, where N ranges from 1-15.
  5. eToo few cases for analysis