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Table 2 Confidence interval (95%) for repopulating mammary cell frequency

From: A mouse model for triple-negative breast cancer tumor-initiating cells (TNBC-TICs) exhibits similar aggressive phenotype to the human disease

Cell type Confidence intervals for 1/(TICs frequency)1
  Lower Estimate Upper
CD24+/ALDH1+/CD44high 51.0 27.02 14.4
CD24+/ALDH1-/CD44low 22124.7 3168.93 454.3
CD24+/ALDH1+/CD44high 14.9 6.22 2.8
CD24+/ALDH1-/CD44low 22124.7 3168.93 454.3
  1. 1Confidence interval (95%) for repopulating mammary cell frequency for the data in Table 1. Data were generated using ELDA, a software application for limiting dilution analysis (LDA) as previously described [34]