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Figure 7

From: A mouse model for triple-negative breast cancer tumor-initiating cells (TNBC-TICs) exhibits similar aggressive phenotype to the human disease

Figure 7

TNBC-TICs express higher levels of Hsp25 and Hsp72/HspA1A than TNBC, TPBC-TICs, TPBC or parental 4T1 cells. TNBC (106) (lane 1), parental 4T1 cells (106) (lane 2), TPBC (106) (lane 3), TNBC-TICs (106) (lane 4) or TPBC-TICs (106) (lane 5) were lysed and the amount of Hsp25 or inducible Hsp72/HspA1A was determined by Western blot analysis using specific Mab as described in detail in the Materials and Methods section. β-actin was used as control for equal loading. The intensity of the bands were analyzed by densitometry with a video densitometer (Chemilmager™ 5500; Alpha Innotech, San Leandro, CA) using the AAB software (American Applied Biology). Data is a representative experiment from three independently performed experiments with similar results.

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