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Table 2 Genes regulated by TEL-PDGFRB.

From: Tyrosine kinase chromosomal translocations mediate distinct and overlapping gene regulation events

A. Microarray Analysis
Genes Regulated by TEL-PDGFRB
  Fold-Change Gene Name
Induced Genes 234.50 Chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 10 (Cxcl10)
  103.12 Guanylate nucleotide binding protein 1 (Gbp1)
  64.00 Immune responsive gene 1 (Irg1)
  42.22 Ubiquitin specific protease 18 (Usp18)
  19.00 Signal transducer & activator of transcription 1 (Stat1)
  14.55 Interferon regulatory factor 7 (Irf7)
  7.46 Leukemia inhibitory factor (Lif)
  6.96 Jun oncogene (Jun)
  5.84 Vascular endothelial growth factor A (Vegfa)
Suppressed Genes 2.83 Gelsolin (Gsn)
  2.64 Elk3, member of Ets oncogene family (Elk3)
  2.64 Cyclin I (Ccni)
  2.64 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2c (Cdkn2c)
  2.46 Leukotriene A4 hydrolase (Lta4h)
  2.46 Adducin 1, alpha (Add1)
  2.46 Neutrophilic granule protein (Ngp)
  2.46 Eukaryotic elongation factor-2 kinase (Eef2k)
  2.46 EGF-like module containing, mucin-like, hormone receptor-like sequence 1 (Emr1)
B. Validation by Quantitative PCR
Gene Name Mean Fold-Change p -Value
Cxcl10 61.55 ± 20.98 0.02
Stat1 2.70 ± 0.45 0.009
Gbp1 83.47 ± 20.89 0.008
  1. (A) Selected genes that were induced or suppressed by TEL-PDGFRB by two-fold or more after 1 week of activation. Genes chosen for validation by Q-PCR are denoted by asterisk. (B) Q-PCR was performed in triplicate using RNA samples extracted from 4-5 distinct cell populations. Mean fold-induction at 1 week compared to the expression at 0 h, and SEM are shown for each gene. A student t-test was performed to obtain p-values for the difference between the mean gene expression level at 0 h and 1 week