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Figure 3

From: Phase II trial of the regulatory T cell-depleting agent, denileukin diftitox, in patients with unresectable stage IV melanoma

Figure 3

A. Increased partial responses to DAB/IL2 noted in chemo/immuno-naïve and stage M1A melanoma patients. Sixty stage IV melanoma patients were administered DAB/IL2 and the objective response rates were determined using qualitative radiological assessments of FDG-PET and CT imaging. Whereas 16.7% of all treated patients experienced partial responses, 45.5% of the chemo/immuno-naïve patients experienced partial responses (A). Response rates were calculated based on sub-stage of melanoma. Whereas stage M1A (lymph node, skin and subcutaneous) (B) melanoma patients experienced the highest total objective response rate, stage M1B patients had no partial responses (C) and chemo/immuno-naïve patients with visceral metastases (stage M1C) had a > 60% partial response rate (D).

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