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Figure 4

From: Serum levels of selenium and smoking habits at age 50 influence long term prostate cancer risk; a 34 year ULSAM follow-up

Figure 4

a, b: Hazard ratios for prostate cancer by MnSOD genotype. Hazard ratios (HR), with 95% confidence interval, for later diagnosis of prostate cancer in tertile 3 versus tertile 1(black line) and tertile 2 vs. tertile 1(gray line) of serum selenium levels at baseline, 50 years of age, by MnSOD genotypes. To the left (a) from top are shown results for SNPs rs2758331, rs2842980, rs7855. To the right (b) from top are shown results for SNPs, rs5746141, rs5746136 and rs4342445. Tertile serum selenium definitions: tertile 1: ≤ 70 μg/L, tertile 2: 70.1- 81 μg/L and tertile 3: > 81 μg/L. "n" denotes number of participants in analysis.

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