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Table 1 Four patients with advanced chordoma treated with EGFR targeting therapy

From: Efficacy of epidermal growth factor receptor targeting in advanced chordoma: case report and literature review

Ref. Sex Location of primary tumor Date of initial diagnosis Date of beginning of EGFR-targeting therapy Tumor locations Patient's age Therapy Tumor response Duration of response
[8] M Sacral 2001 2005 Local relapse, Inguinal lymph node, and lung metastases 52 Cetuximab-Gefitinib « Significant regression » of all lesions after 2 months* Ongoing after 9 months
[9] F Cervical 1996 2007 Local relapse 75 Cetuximab-Gefitinib Regression by 44% of the volume after 4 months Ongoing after 4 months
[10] M Sacral 2004 2008 Gluteal mass and iliac lymph nodes 57 Erlotinib Partial response superior to 30% reduction in tumor bulk after 3 months Ongoing after 11 months
Our case M Sacral 1999 2010 Lung metastases, cervical lymph node and thoracic soft tissue mass 76 Erlotinib Regression of the thoracic lesion by 53% of the volume after 3 months, by 70% after 7 months. 12 months
  1. M, male; F, female; *, the size of lesions and degree of objective response are not mentioned