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Figure 5

From: Cyclin D1, Id1 and EMT in breast cancer

Figure 5

Gene expression of Cyclin d1/Id1 and EMT markers in breast cancer cell lines and claudin-low tumours. Expression of EMT and related genes from the Neve et al cell line (A-C) and Herschkowitz et al. claudin-low (D-F) studies. (A and D) Heatmaps showing relative expression of genes of interest, Red = high, Green = low. (B and E) Scatterplots showing the relationship between breast cancer subgroups and CCND1/ID1 expression (C and F) Proportion of CCND1-low/ID1-high cell lines and tumours in breast cancer subgroups. ***P ≥ 0.001, Chi2 test.

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