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Figure 4

From: The tumour suppressor SOX11 is associated with improved survival among high grade epithelial ovarian cancers and is regulated by reversible promoter methylation

Figure 4

Overexpression of SOX11 induces growth arrest in EOC cell lines. (A) The relative mRNA levels of SOX11 24 h after overexpression in different cell lines, as compared to control cells (OVCAR-3 transfected with GFP containing plasmid). The standard deviation for the RQ values has been calculated with a 95% CI. Below, corresponding protein levels for control (GFP) and SOX11-transduced cell lines after 24 h are shown. (B) The confluency of the transfected cell lines OVCAR-3 and TOV-112D decreased markedly after overexpression of SOX11 compared to GFP control and untreated wt cells, consistent with a growth inhibitory role of SOX11. (C) The relative proliferation with the control (GFP) samples as reference for each cell line is shown. A decrease in proliferation in all cell lines was seen 24 h after overexpressing SOX11.

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