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Figure 11

From: Collagen induced arthritis increases secondary metastasis in MMTV-PyV MT mouse model of mammary cancer

Figure 11

Serum analysis revealed up regulation of various cytokines along with PGE2 which may be the underlying factor contributing to increased metastasis in arthritic mice. A: A graphical representation of the up regulated cytokines in the bone and lung lysate (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001). The Ray Biotech cytokine array kit was utilized for this experiment and average of n = 4 mice. B: Increased circulating PGE2 in the arthritic versus the non-arthritic PyV MT mice (*p < 0.01 versus PyV MT mice), n = 10 mice per group. A specific ELISA was used for this experiment. The statistical differences between groups are shown with horizontal bars. We have compared the statistical differences between 1) C57Bl/6 with C57Bl/6 + CII at 9 and 18 weeks; and 2) PyV MT with PyV MT + CII at 9 and 18 weeks.

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