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Table 1 Terms used to portray the perfusion by contrast-enhanced ultrasonography

From: Antiangiogenic effects of pazopanib in xenograft hepatocellular carcinoma models: evaluation by quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasonography

Acronym Parameter Notes
TIC time-intensity curve A curve to describe the signal intensity of contrast media in a region of interest changes over time when a series of ultrasonograms are analysed by specific software offline
ROI region of interest A circle drawn in the interested region for generating the time-intensity curve. In this study, one ROI took the tumor region as a whole, the other one, "hotspot", was located in the highest enhanced area on contrast-enhanced ultrasonography, which were determined by the two sonography investigators
ISI increased signal intensity The difference between baseline to the maximum increase in signal intensity in a region of interest
RSI rate of signal increase The rate of signal enhancement from baseline to initial peak in a region of interest
RWO rate of washout of 50% of contrast material The rate of signal intensity reduced to 50% of initial peak of contrast material in a region of interest
MTT mean transit time Average persistence of a contrast material in a region of interest
AUC area under the curve Integral calculus of the area under time-intensity curve, which reflects the total perfusion of a region of interest
BF blood flow coefficient BF = AUC/MTT/2