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Table 3 Other Studies Including Information of the Association between Fish Consumption and Risk of Gastric Cancer

From: Fish consumption and the risk of gastric cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Design Methods Country No. of Cases/No. of Non-cases Information Provided
Campbell, 2008 PCC Factor analysis Canada 1169/2332 The loading score of fresh fish is larger than 25 which means fish is a protective factor for gastric cancer
Nomura, 2003 PCC Geometric mean comparison USA 230/446 No remarkable differences in the intake of fish between case and control group
Kim, 2004 Cohort Factor analysis Japan 400/41712 Fish consumption loads more on traditional dietary pattern than healthy dietary pattern in male and female respectively. healthy pattern decreased the risk of gastric cancer among females, while the traditional pattern increased the risk in both genders
  1. Abbreviations: PCC: population-based case-control study; HCC: hospital-based case-control study