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Table 4 Genes listed according to the magnitude of most altered expression in tumor tissue of high intrinsic COX-2 expression

From: COX-2 gene expression in colon cancer tissue related to regulating factors and promoter methylation status

Gene ↑/↓ FC Function Gene Symbol (GeneID)
Unknown 156 unknown W60781
Myosin 107 Muscle, heavy polypeptide 2 MYH2 (4620)
Desmin 49 Muscle filament DES (1674)
Creatine kinase 46 Muscle, energy homeostasis, serum marker for myocardial infarction CKM (1158)
Troponin T type 3 41 Skeletal TNNT3 (7140)
Actin α, cardiac 37 Muscle, contractile, cell motility ACTC1 (70)
Actin α1, skeletal 35 Cell motility, structure and integrity ACTA1 (58)
Synaptopodin 2 28 Cell-shape regulation, homolog with Myopodin (a tumor suppressor; inhibits growth and metastasis) SYNPO2 (171024)
Nebulin 25 Cytoskeletal matrix NEB (4703)
Calponin 23 Differentiation marker, reduced in tumor vessels associated with tumor progression CNN1 (1264)
Growth diff. factor 10 28 Regulation of cell growth and differentiation GDF10 (2662)
Unc-13 homolog A 19 diacylglycerol and phorbol ester receptors, essential role in synaptic vesicle priming UNC13A (23025)
LOC553137 16 miscRNA, unknown function LOC553137 (553137)
Melanoma antigen family B, 2 14 Tumor-associated antigen, expressed only in testis and tumors, regulated by demethylation MAGEB2 (4113)
Chondrosarcoma associated gene 1 13 Tumor antigen, expressed in testis and in chondrosarcomas CSAG1 (158511)
Folate receptor 1 13 Involvement in cancer prognosis FOLR1 (2348)
Renin 13 Blood pressure and electrolyte balance REN (5972)
Small proline-rich protein 3 12 Epithelial homeostatis, aberrant expression contribute to tumorigenesis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma SPRR3 (6707)
Heat shock 27kDa protein 3 12 Muscle HSPB3 (8988)
Chromogranin B 11 Precursor for biological active peptides, involved early in breast cancer CHGB (1114)
  1. increased expression
  2. decreased expression