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Figure 2

From: GP88 (PC-Cell Derived Growth Factor, progranulin) stimulates proliferation and confers letrozole resistance to aromatase overexpressing breast cancer cells

Figure 2

GP88 confers AC1 cells Letrozole resistance in vitro. 2000 cells/well (96 well plates) MCF-7AC1 cells were plated in PRF medium supplemented with 5% ChX FBS overnight The next day, medium was removed and serum free medium was added with and without 300 ng/ml GP88 (GP88 (P)), 25 nM androstenedione (AD) and letrozole (L) 50 nM and 100 nM, 200 nM. Cell proliferation was measured after 6 days using Cell Titer-Glo assay. Experiment was performed in triplicates with p < 0.01.

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