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Figure 9

From: Correlation of microarray-based breast cancer molecular subtypes and clinical outcomes: implications for treatment optimization

Figure 9

Average expression intensity of TOP2A and FLOR1 genes in different molecular subtypes of breast cancer. All patients (n = 327) in our dataset were included in the study. The average expression of each gene is shown as mean ± SEM. Student t test was conducted between subtype IV and other subtypes following logarithmic transformation of expression intensities to base of 2. TOP2A expression of subtype IV was significantly higher than subtype II, III, V and VI with p values of < 0.0001 (*). There was no significant difference between subtype IV and I. For expression of FLOR1, subtype IV was significantly lower than subtypes I with p < 0.0001(*). The number of samples in each subtype is available in Table 2.

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