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Figure 8

From: Correlation of microarray-based breast cancer molecular subtypes and clinical outcomes: implications for treatment optimization

Figure 8

Correlation between molecular subtypes and distant recurrence risks predicted by the Oncotype and MammaPrint predictor. The three different datasets used in this study included ours (KFSYSCC), the EMC [10] and the NKI [24]. The number of cases in each subtype for the KFSYSCC, EMC, and NKI datasets were 37, 49, and 10 for subtype I; 34, 24, and 18 for subtype II; 41, 24, and 4 for subtype III; 81, 80, and 52 for subtype IV; 41, 39 and 172 for subtype V; and 93, 70 and 9 for subtype VI, respectively. The method used to score the risk of distant recurrence is detailed in Additional File 2. For prediction of recurrence risk by genes of the Oncotype predictor, a higher score represents a higher risk of recurrence. The negative correlation scores predicted by the MammaPrint predictor shown on the y axis represent higher risk of distant recurrence. A score of <0 can be defined as high risk for recurrence and a score of = or >0 as low risk.

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