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Table 1 Patterns of endothelial VEGFR2 expression in tumor blood vessels in xenografted tumors and clinical cancer

From: VEGFR2 heterogeneity and response to anti-angiogenic low dose metronomic cyclophosphamide treatment

Tumor Type # of Tumors % VEGFR2 Positive % VEGFR2 Negative
SW480 xenograft 4 60 ± 10.57a 40 ± 12.61c
Clinical colorectal carcinoma 36 60 ± 3.06a 40 ± 2.54c
WM239 xenograft 10 91.96 ± 3.01b 8.04 ± 0.41d
Clinical metastatic melanoma 14 93 ± 3.29b 7 ± 0.33d
  1. Table I - VEGFR2 heterogeneity was assessed in human clinical specimens and xenografts of both colorectal carcinoma and metastatic malignant melanoma using dual immunofluorescence staining for VEGFR2 and CD31. The mean values for average percentage of VEGFR2 positive and VEGFR2 negative vessels were calculated along with SEM. Values with the same superscript (a-m) are significantly different from the same vessel class in different cancer types, but not from each other (p < 0.05).