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Figure 8

From: Localization of uPAR and MMP-9 in lipid rafts is critical for migration, invasion and angiogenesis in human breast cancer cells

Figure 8

Supplementation of cholesterol reverses the effect of lipid raft disruption on uPAR levels in MDA-MB-231 and ZR 751 cells. Serum-starved (A) MDA-MB-231 and (B) ZR 751 cells were left untreated, treated with different concentrations of MβCD, or treated with 10 mM MβCD and supplemented with 2 mM cholesterol. The cells were lysed, and 80 μg of protein from each treatment were subjected to immunoblotting analysis using anti-uPAR and GAPDH antibodies. Similar results were observed in two separate experiments. Abbreviations: uPAR-urokinase plasminogen activator receptor; MMP-matrix metalloproteinase 9, LR - lipid raft, MβCD - Methyl beta cyclo dextrin.

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