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Table 7 Up- and downregulated pathways in metastatic carcinomas when and (GenMAPP analysis)

From: Metastatic canine mammary carcinomas can be identified by a gene expression profile that partly overlaps with human breast cancer profiles

Dysregulated pathways in metastatic
canine mammary tumors
Gene number Dysregulated pathways in
metastatic human breast cancer
up-regulated pathways   Ranking in a meta-analysis[1]
Cell_cycle 33 1
Cell_cycle_G1_to_S_control_reactome 22 2
DNA_replication_reactome 25 3
Tissue_embryonic_stem_cell 11 6
Proteasome degradation 7 7
down-regulated pathways   
Striated_muscle_contraction 8 4
Focal_adhesion 11 /
IL-6_NetPath_18 5 6
  1. /not present in the metastatic pathways analysis of human breast cancer