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Table 4 Results of other studies investigating an escalation of the dose of WBI beyond 30 Gy in patients with brain metastases from a relatively radioresistant tumor.

From: Prognostic factors for outcomes after whole-brain irradiation of brain metastases from relatively radioresistant tumors: a retrospective analysis

Reference Design N patients Tumor type Median survival
Cannady et al. [8] retrospective 46 renal cell carcinoma 30 Gy: 2.7 mos. >30 Gy: 8.5 mos.
Isokangas et al. [18] retrospective 60 malignant melanoma 30 Gy: 4.1 mos. >30 Gy: 9.6 mos.
Present study retrospective 164 various 30 Gy: 3.3 mos. >30 Gy: 9.5 mos