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Figure 7

From: Molecular analysis of ex-vivo CD133+ GBM cells revealed a common invasive and angiogenic profile but different proliferative signatures among high grade gliomas

Figure 7

Forty differential genes in G4 and G7 samples discriminate between high or low proliferative potential. Unsupervised clustering and ingenuity pathways representation of 40 differentially expressed genes. A) Unsupervised clustering of this 40 gene list let us to distinguish 2 well defined and opposite groups. Ingenuity principal represented pathways include B) recombination and repair pathways and C) cancer and cell compromise. Those GBMs with a positive pattern CD133+/CD133- for this gene expression signature, could present a higher proliferative potential of their tumour stem cells or, by the opposite, a lower proliferative potential of the mature glioma cells.

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