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Figure 6

From: Involvement of tumor necrosis factor-α in the upregulation of CXCR4 expression in gastric cancer induced by Helicobacter pylori

Figure 6

Migration study. (A) MKN45 cells showed a significant increase in their migration after treatment with 26695, *P < 0.001, vs control. The increase in migration of MKN45 cells induced by 26695 was inhibited when AMD 3100 (**P < 0.01, vs 26695 + AMD), or infliximab (***P < 0.01, vs 26695 + inf) was added. AMD: AMD3100; inf: infliximab. (B) TNF-α increased MKN45 cell migration, *P < 0.001, vs control. Neither IL-1β nor IL-6 can increase MKN45 cell migration significantly. Data are expressed as mean ± SD, n = 3.

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