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Figure 4

From: TLR9 expression in glioma tissues correlated to glioma progression and the prognosis of GBM patients

Figure 4

Invasion of GBM cell line U87 in response to CpG ODN(ODN 2006). U87 cells were plated in 24 well cell culture chambers using transwell inserts precotated with matrigel. ODN 2006 (10 uM), ODN 2006 control (10 uM), same volume of the control medium, or TLR signaling inhibitor chloroquine (10 uM) were added and incubated for 24 hours, the number of invaded cells was stained and counted, all analysis were performed in triplicate. The invasion ability was represented as numbers of invaded cells. Bars refer to the standard error of the mean value. Comparison between groups was made by using student's t test, P ≤ 0.05 was defined as significant.

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