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Archived Comments for: Breast cancer histology and receptor status characterization in Asian Indian and Pakistani women in the U.S. - a SEER analysis

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  1. Difference between "emigrants" and those with "origins"

    Amit Agrawal, University of Nottingham

    27 September 2010

    We must congratulate the authors in exploring this relatively under-reported area in breast cancer along with providing some factual data (albeit limited by the unavailability of histological subtypes in 20% and hormone receptors in approximately 50% of patients). It would have been more informative to see the actual differences between Indians/Pakistanis who are “emigrants” and those who have “origins” in India/Pakistan (i.e. born and raised in USA). If there was a difference between the 2 groups then socio-environmental factors could be further investigated as possible epidemiological factors in those with Indian/Pakistani roots. Genetic (excluding those with mixed-race parentage) and dietary factors may be the same between the two groups. Authors do mention the limitation in the demographic data in the SEER database. However, we wonder whether it may be possible to look into these factors on a questionnaire survey of these patients/families with due ethical approval given the fact that the numbers are not as huge (n=1350) as the whole database (n=360,933).

    Amit Agrawal, Binafsha Syed

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