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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: A descriptive systematic review of the relationship between personality traits and quality of life of women with non-metastatic breast cancer

Author, Year (Country) of study Study design Sample size Personality trait Personality measure QoL domain QoL measure Statistical analyses Quality rate
Bellino et al. 2011 (Italy) [13] CO 57 NS TCI PF; RP; BP; GH; VT; SF; IE; MH SF-36 Univariate regression Fair
Carver et al. 2006 (USA) [14] CS 163 O LOT, LOT-R NF; PFE; CP; SP; PP; F; SA; BCS QLACS Multivariate regression Fair
Durá-Ferrandis et al. 2016 (USA) [15] CO 1280 DO LOT PF; RF; EF; CF; SF EORTC QLQ‐C30 Multivariate regression Fair
Härtl et al. 2010 (Germany) [16] CO 203 DO; N FPI-R, LOT PF; RF; EF; CF; SF EORTC QLQ‐C30 Multivariate regression Fair
Petersen et al. 2008 (USA) [17] CS 268 O; P MMPI PH; MH SF-36, SF-12 T-test and Kruskal–Wallis test Fair
Popović-Petrović et al. 2018 (Serbia) [18] CS 64 S GSES PWB; SWB; EWB; FWB FACT-B+4 Hierarchical regression Poor
Piro et al. 2001 (USA) [19] CS 74 A; UA M-EPAQ EWB; IWB FACT-B Hierarchical regression Poor
Schreier et al. 2004 (USA) [20] CO 48 TA STAI HF; SEC; PS; FA QLI Multivariate regression Fair
Shen et al. 2020 (China) [21] CS 121 S GSES PWB; SWB; EWB; FWB; BCS FACT-B Multivariate regression Fair
van der Steeg et al. 2010 (Netherlands) [1] CO 222 N; E; OP; AG; C; TA NEO-FFI, STAI PH; PSH; LI; SR; EV; SPI WHOQOL-100 Multivariate regression Good
Tomich et al. 2006 (USA) [22] CO 70 O; SE RSES, LOT PF; RP; BP; GH; VT; SF; IE; MH SF-36 Hierarchical regression Fair
You et al. 2018 (USA) [23] CS 159 TA STAI-T PWB; SWB; EWB; FWB FACT-B Hierarchical regression Poor
  1. Abbreviations: CO Prospective Cohort study, CS Cross-sectional study
  2. Personality traits
  3. NS Novelty Seeking, O Optimism, DO Dispositional Optimism, N Neuroticism, P Pessimism, S Self-efficacy, A Agency, UA Unmitigated Agency, TA Trait Anxiety, E Extraversion, OP Openness to Experience, AG Agreeableness, C Conscientiousness, SE Self-esteem
  4. Personality measures
  5. TCI The Temperament and Character Inventory, LOT(-R) Life Orientation Test(-Revised), FPI-R Freiburg Personality Inventory-Revised, MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, GSES General Self-Efficacy Scale, M-EPAQ Modified-Extended Personal Attributes Questionnaire, STAI(-T) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory(-Trait), NEO-FFI NEO Five-Factor Inventory, RSES Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
  6. QoL domain
  7. PF Physical Functioning, RP Role function Physical, BP Bodily pain, GH General Health perceptions, VT Vitality, SF Social Functioning, IE Impact of Emotional problems or daily activities, MH Mental health, NF Negative feelings, PFE Positive Feelings, CP Cognitive Problems, SP Sexual Problems, PP Physical Pain, F Fatigue, SA Social Avoidance, BCS Breast Cancer-specific Concerns, RF Role Functioning, EF Emotional Functioning, CF Cognitive functioning, PH Physical Health, PWB Physical Well-Being, SWB Social/Family Well-Being, EWB Emotional Well-Being, FWB Functional Well-Being, HF Health/Functioning, SEC Socioeconomics, PS Psychological/Spiritual, FA Family, PSH Psychological Health, LI Level of Independence, SR Social Relationships, EV Environment, SPI Spirituality
  8. QoL measures
  9. SF-36 Short Form Health Survey-36 items, SF-12 Short Form Health Survey-12 items, QLACS Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors, EORTC QLQ-C30 European Organization for Research and Treatment for Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire (version 3), FACT-B + 4 Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy- Lymphedema, FACT-B Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Breast, QLI Quality of Life Index, WOQOL-100 World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment instrument