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Table 2 Reasons of use

From: Routes of administration, reasons for use, and approved indications of medical cannabis in oncology: a scoping review

Themes Reasons for use by people with cancer Frequency n (%) Approved indications Examples
Limiting the impacts of cancer and its side effects Managing refractory nausea and vomiting 130/163 (79.8%) •Reduce the frequency and severity of nausea
•Treat anticipatory nausea and vomiting
•Use with highly or moderately emetogenic chemotherapy
•Manage nausea associated with radiotherapy
•Limit delayed emesis
Complementary use to assist in pain management 120/163 (73.6%) •Relieve cancer-associated pain
•Treat neuropathic pain
•Adjuvant for cancer pain not completely relieved by opioid therapy
•Use when refractory to opioids and conventional pain management techniques
•Enhance the anti-nociceptive effect of morphine
Improving appetite and food intake 88/163 (54%) •Increase food enjoyment
•Weight gain/stabilization
•Limit anorexia and cachexia syndrome
•Improve taste and smell
Helping to manage emotions 59/163 (36.2%)   •Reduce stress
•Improve mood
•Treat anxiety
•Use to cope emotionally
•Allow relief of psychological symptoms
Promoting sleep and reducing insomnia 56/163 (34.4%)   •Improve sleep quality
•Facilitate sleep
•Reinforce sleep habit
•Reduce sleep disruptions
Easily perform activities of daily living and domestic activities 23/163 (14.1%)   •Boost energy and reduce fatigue
•Facilitate daytime activities
•Improve concentration and memory
•Increase activity tolerance
Alleviating musculoskeletal symptoms 10/163 (6.1%)   •Combat muscle tension
•Reduce spasticity
•Treat arthritis
•Decrease spasm and tremors
•Control trismus
Managing respiratory symptoms 3/163 (1.8%)   •Reduce dyspnea, shortness of breath and coughs
Staying connected to others Recreational use 11/163 (6.7%)   •Enjoyment
Improving sexual function and libido 5/163 (3.1%)   •Increase frequency of sexual intercourses
Stimulating social interactions 3/163 (1.8%)   •Enhance social interactions
•Feel part of a group