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Table 2 Previous treatments received by patients in the study

From: Long-term outcomes following 90Y Radioembolization of neuroendocrine liver metastases: evaluation of the radiation-emitting SIR-spheres in non-resectable liver tumor (RESiN) registry

Agent Type Number Treated
Alkylating Agent
 Temozolomide 20
 Cisplatin 8
 Oxaliplatin 6
Topoisomerase Inhibitor
 Irinotecan 9
 Capecitabine 24
DNA Synthesis Inhibitor
 Etoposide 12
m-TOR Inhibitor
 Everolimus 42
 Sirolimus 1
VEGF Inhibitor
 Sunitinib 6
PD-1 Inhibitor
 Pembrolizumab 4
 Nivolumab 4
CTLA-4 Blockade
 Ipilimumab 2