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Table 2 Reasons for ATB use, by treatment outcome

From: Effect of prior antibiotic or chemotherapy treatment on immunotherapy response in non-small cell lung cancer

  Treatment response within 6 months Duration (days)2 Dose (mg)2
CR/PR (n = 12)1 SD/PD (n = 34) P-value Mean [SD] Mean [SD]
 No 8 23 1.000 1.12 [0.33] 1298.44 (657.04)
 Yes 4 11
 No 5 16 1.000 7.84 [6.43] 587.07 (590.89)
 Yes 7 18
Other Reasons
 No 7 20 1.000 13.65 [10.60] 375.24 (265.38)
 Yes 5 14
  1. *Statistically Significant for Fisher’s exact test, when p < 0.05; 1: no CR among ATB users, only PR. 2: this is measured at the level of each ATB use, not at the individual patient-level. CR Complete response, PR Partial response, PD Progressive disease, SD Stable disease, RTI Respiratory tract infection, including bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection, and sinusitis. Other reasons include patients taking antibiotics for acne, biopsy, cholangitis, colitis, ear cellulitis, leukocytosis, metastasis, rash, urinary tract infection, prophylaxis. Duration of antibiotic use for each reason was not conducted at patient-level, but instead calculated with antibiotic-use level analysis. Each patient may have overlapping antibiotic use; each use was treated as a single observation