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Table 3 Clinical effectiveness

From: Nanoparticle albumin-bound paclitaxel and PD-1 inhibitor (sintilimab) combination therapy for soft tissue sarcoma: a retrospective study

Characteristics Data
ORR (%) 25.00 (95%CI: 10.7-44.9)
DCR (%) 50.00 (95%CI: 30.6-69.4)
M-PFS (months) 2.25(95%CI: 1.80-3.00)
4 months PFS rate (%) 17.9 (95%CI: 0.081-0.395)
6 months PFS rate (%) 7.1 (95%CI: 0.019-0.272)
  1. Data are presented as percentages or means. Tumor responses were evaluated according to the Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (version 1.1), and were categorized as CR Complete response, PR Partial response, SD Stable disease, or progressive disease. The ORR Objective response rate was defined as the sum of CR and PR rates. DCR Disease control rate was defined as the sum of the ORR and SD. PFS Progression-free survival was calculated from the date of the first nab-paclitaxel plus PD-1 inhibitor treatment until the date of documented progression