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Table 3 Selected dose modifications during induction therapy

From: Prospective study evaluating dynamic changes of cell-free HPV DNA in locoregional viral-associated oropharyngeal cancer treated with induction chemotherapy and response-adaptive treatment

Adverse Reaction Occurrence Paclitaxel Dose (mg/m2) Carboplatin Dose (AUC mg·min/mL)
ANC < 1500/mm3 OR ANC < 500/mm3 for more than 7 days First 75 4.5
Second 50 3
Third Discontinue Treatment
Platelet count less than 100,000/mm3 First 75 4.5
Second Discontinue Treatment
Neurotoxicity (Peripheral)
Grade 2 First 75  
Second 50  
Third Discontinue Treatment
Grade 3–4 First Withhold paclitaxel, until improves to <  = grade 1, then resume at one lower dose level