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Table 3 Newcastle Ottawa Scale Risk of Bias Ratings

From: Meta-analysis of health state utility values measured by EuroQol 5-dimensions (EQ5D) questionnaire in Chinese women with breast cancer

Newcastle Ottawa Scale Question First author, year
Cheung 2014 [21] Wang 2018 [22] Li
2019 [23]
2019 [24]
Yang 2020 [20]
Sampling: Were the subjects in the study representative of the entire population from which they were recruited? Moderate Low Low High Low
Measurement: Incomplete outcome data: attrition bias due to amount, nature or handling of incomplete outcome data Low Low Low Low Moderate
Measurement: Do the analyses adjust for different lengths of follow-up of patients? Low Low Low Moderate Low
Measurement: Selective reporting: reporting bias due to selective outcome reporting Low Low Low Low Moderate
Additional bias: Bias due to problems not covered elsewhere. Low Low Low Low Low
  1. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) [11].